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  • Ridgid 141

    I have a Ridgid 141 with a pony attachement and axl. What is the proper way to set it up using 4" ridgid and three leg jack stands. Any one have a link to a product manual?


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    Re: Ridgid 141

    never let it be said that the plumbers don't help out the electricians

    welcome and join in as we can always use more input from the electrical side of the trades

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Ridgid 141

      for some reason Ridgid does not have there manual on the 141 or 161 available on line or I have never found it, they have a parts list on line but no manual, I did find some information on it by going to the manuals on the power drives, when I bought mine.

      link to the 700 drive, head starting on page 7

      link to the 300 drive stand, starting on page 16

      link to the 535A starting on page 12

      one could go and look up other manuals and see if there is any more info given,
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