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418 oiler problem

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  • 418 oiler problem

    hi all,

    been having some priming issues with these over the last year or so. they seem to lose prime within a day and take a good 5-10 minutes to regain prime, if it does at all. the guns still have good suction, as well as good suction all the way to the oil reservoir. from all i can see everything is clean and clear. i usually just hold the gun lower than the reservoir and that will help prime it, but still doesn't work all the time.

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    Re: 418 oiler problem

    Sounds like there is some trash in one of the check balls or one of the springs has collasped or one of the "o" rings is cut.

    Another thing to check is the hose, a very small pin hole or loose connections at the gun will let it suck air when pumping or give it air to let the hose drain back to the pan.

    Might try a small hose clamp on the hose at the gun for starters and then a new hose, 5/8" fuel hose does pretty good.

    If all else fails a rebuild kit might be in order.

    Good luck



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      Re: 418 oiler problem

      I have to agree with whymeintrouble it sounds like the o-rings take it apart it's easy to replace the o-rings
      Life is Good, OleTom