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Explosion Proof Press Tool?

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  • Explosion Proof Press Tool?

    One big advantage of ProPress piping is the elimination of open flame - important to me, as I work a lot in Hazardous Environments (Flammable gasses). However, what I really need is a ProPress Tool that is UL or CSA listed as explosion proof for Class 1, Div 2 Group D environments; or alternatively, certified as "Intrinsically Safe." Apparently, Rigid does not offer anything like this. Does anyone know if such a tool exists? Or does anyone offer a pneumatically operated tool? Being able to install process piping in "hot" environments without process shutdown or pre-flanged/threaded pieces would be a huge cost saver!

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    Re: Explosion Proof Press Tool?

    it's not just the tool, it's the jaws that would also be an issue. they would have to be made of an exotic metal that's non sparking.

    i doubt there is a big demand for this.

    ridgid dave is the guy to know.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Explosion Proof Press Tool?

      I had a similar need last year but not in relation for tools. We was thinking about putting misting fans on the canopy of a gas staion pump corral, and the guy quickly mentioned that anything out there would have to be explostion proof,

      meaning the motors would have to be spec'd as so, along with the fan blades. That way if the fans fell to the ground, those spinning blades wouldn't trigger a spark/point of ignition.

      Bottom line, the cost was going to be astronomical along with the pump that I didn't even price out, knowing it would be expensive.

      All in all, it would of gained some massive customers because it would be the first gas station in the state that would have a gas station you could pull up to the pumps and get cooled off while you fill up.

      Would of been a great photo-op for my company.

      I ended up with some wrenches that are used inside of silos that are spark proof, and expensive. Given the flammability of what is inside corn silo's or whatever they put in them, one drop of the wrench and KABOOM!
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        Re: Explosion Proof Press Tool?

        A pair of explosion proof linesman's pliers cost $212.50 but hey, the shipping was free.