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Ridgid 300 series compact threader?

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  • Ridgid 300 series compact threader?

    I've used Ridgid 300 series threaders with manual oiler set ups pretty much my entire career. I've also used the bigger threaders in the shop with auto oilers at school. I'm just curious if anyone has used the Ridgid 300 compact threader with the auto oiler (pump) built in.

    I was hoping that something like this might not be so messy, but then again I guess you have to be careful how you store the threader in transit and all that. But the fact the oil doesn't have to fall a few feet into the bucket doing it manually might make for a much less messy job site? (yes we put cardboard down and all that, but still?).

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    Re: Ridgid 300 series compact threader?

    scott, they sell a conversion kit that will allow you to turn yours into an auto oiler.

    or you could just buy the tray and not recycle the oil.

    depending on how many threads you need to run will determine if it's worth to recycle or not. they sell an aerosol can of clean cutting oil.

    my 1210 oil less threader is perfect for super clean work. it will cut and thread up to 1'' pipe with factory thread results.

    they have improved the waiting time for coolant delivery with the new 1210 design.

    my 300 only gets used for 1.25-2'' pipe and then it's only a few cuts.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Ridgid 300 series compact threader?

      I have used a 300 compact a few times. It is a decent little machine, my only complaint about it was that the piece it comes with to help keep the oil in is hard to get on after threading as the metal scraps block the clip on tray. That being said it is much cleaner than a 300 complete.

      You might also want to look at the 1210 as mentioned above or a 1215, both work well for smaller diameters.