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  • Another Press Question?

    In the frequently asked questions of this manual from Viega, page 15 states that "when testing with water the pressure range is 15psi-85psi maximum".

    Is this not a code/warranty issue?

    Rick? Plumberjr? WrenchSpinner?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Another Press Question?

    I dont get it it lists max pressure for water as 200 psi, yet max test pressure at 85 psi. I'd love to hel JC but I think that ridgid needs to respond to this one to explain their statement.


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      Re: Another Press Question?

      I'm sure it's a well tested system. The issue I have with this statement in writing is when there is a leak over that computer room at 1 a.m. & an estimated $10,000,000.00 of intellectual property or information is lost.

      Witness stand, "J.C. did you test the ProPress fitting above 85psi."

      Me: "Yes, as I'm required to by code."

      Them: "Then we are removed from any liability because it is clearly printed in our installation manual's frequently asked questions not do so."

      And inspection are removed from liability last I checked.



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        Re: Another Press Question?

        I feel the same exact way that you do after reading that statement!


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          Re: Another Press Question?

          I called Viega this morning to get this clarified. The person told me that "anything above 85psi could give you a false test confirmation. Pipe could expand some & put pressure on the sealing element enough to make it seem you have no leaks. Then you could turn things on & have one 'pop off' a couple days later".

          I have not seen any evidence as of yet that this is not a good system. This does make me nervous however as to liability. When things go wrong, everyone blames everyone else.

          They need to have some further clarification in writing or else I'm afraid they would protect their interests first based on what is currently printed.

          For now I guess you should test things twice if you have to go above 85psi for your code. Once below 85 for awhile & look for leaks. No leaks, bring it up to the pressure required.

          Hope this helps some.



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            Re: Another Press Question?

            it's really a play on words.

            the operating pressure is 200#max.

            the test pressure is 600#.

            testing the newer green dot smart connect fittings are done at 15-85#.

            before the smart connect feature, there were issues with unpressed fittings not leaking, and depending on the installation and play in the line, these would not blow out.

            the smart connect, green dot is designed to weep, pray if unpressed. they actually cut a little nick in the copper to allow for bypassing some water if not pressed or properly pressed.

            as noted the extra pressure could cause the o-ring to actually fill that little nick and not show a leak.

            as you have noticed the larger xl fittings don't have the nick, but instead have a tag and rubber band to confirm that the line is pressed.

            so my advise is to bring the pipe up to your normal operating pressure and test for leaks. then hydro test it at the upper levels.

            i've only had 1 fitting that leaked and all i did was repress it while it was dripping.

            phoebe it is