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    Re: Good/Bad Pex Install?

    That looks like S$%T! I don't know how someone can make that and call it OK. I've seen that type of basterdized junk before.....that guy deserves an award!

    I feel sorry that you and alot of us plumbers have to deal with this on an almost daily basis.

    Where are you when your needed.....Darwin?


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      Re: Good/Bad Pex Install?

      Originally posted by Willbur View Post
      wow that looks like crap. When installed right I like wirsbo alot better than vanguard. wirsbo is a higher grade of pex and is much better design. I prefer to use the brass fittings for wirsbo over there plastic ones. have had to many leaks on the plastic fittings because of nicks on the fittings. Vanguard takes way too much pipe. tears up the wall where ever you install it, and it's having a problem right now with leaks on the manifold because of cheap construction. My #1 choice is still copper, but wirsbo is not that bad either when installed right.
      Wirsbo has not been tested/proven to be a higher grade of PEX to my knowledge.

      I do know the different types, crosslinking %, methods, suits etc. involved.



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        Re: Good/Bad Pex Install?

        Originally posted by EasyEman View Post
        This was definitely not good plumbing pex or not. The person who put it together did not follow good plumbing practice. We have seen this with almost every plumbing material there is.

        Manifolds don't really save on pipe just fittings. I think it costs more do a manifold system. I prefer branching off of larger pipe runs across the house. But then I am confident in the Uponor/ Wirsbo expander ring connections.
        Good day, What a hack job ! this is what makes us all look bad. one of these jobs takes away 10 great jobs. as far as manifolds. the benfit is if something happen to cause a leak in a waterline, you can shut just that one off unstead of a whole branch going to more than one place !


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          Re: Good/Bad Pex Install?

          is there any way to check the connection ie go no go guage for wisboro and yea it looks like junk to me.