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Aluminum Pipe Deburring Power Tool.

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  • Aluminum Pipe Deburring Power Tool.

    Hello, I work at Lowe's as a Plumbing Sales Specialist and today a lady came up to me with a difficult request.

    Apparently, she's in a very small manufacturing business, and wanted a tool that she could use to deburr both the inside and the outside of Aluminum pipe.

    However, she doesn't want a hand reamer or deburring tool, but rather a type of machine she could use to place the pipe end into, (Maybe by placing it on a track or something) and have it automatically deburr the pipe.

    She's willing to fabricate a machine if she had to, but she would need some sort of power tool that deburrs both the inside and the outside of the aluminum pipe, albiet a drill bit of some sort for a power tool, or a small machine.

    Any suggestions? I've been calling around and nobody seems to be of any use, so I'm checking online on my free time to see if I can come up with any results at all.

    Any help would be very much appreciated.

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    Re: Aluminum Pipe Deburring Power Tool.

    here is what I would guess would be the closest in Ridgids line up from that I could see,

    but I did a Google search, and was about to say one could make a reamer, (similar to that Ridgid has, with a good straight reamer, or counter sink bit in a 1/2" drill in some type of holder,

    and then a good stiff wire brush for the out side,

    here are some other machines

    this one is fairly fancy,

    this company sells special heads that could easily be powered, it looks like and there are some pdf down loadable spec sheets. (I would say this looks very promising)
    mount in a good half inch drill with safety shields and a foot switch,

    the last Idea would be something like the bur-master conduit tool
    it uses a special blade that does both inside and out at once,
    I do not know how long some thing like that would last if powered,
    you would probably have have a holder guide machined or take the hand unit and turn off the handle, off of it so one could chuck it some how,

    but there are tools out there to do the job,
    Push sticks/blocks Save Fingers
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      Re: Aluminum Pipe Deburring Power Tool.

      Thank you very much, the newmantools seems to be EXACTLY the kind of thing she's looking for, as well as the conduit deburrer. I'm thinking I'm going to print sheets for each one and just bring them all in tomorrow, let her look at them directly.

      You've been a very big help. Thank you again.