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Why did this work????

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  • Why did this work????

    i got a hold of a stainless steel (i think) that was kinda broken. some of the welds let loose for some reason or another.

    so i got this idea of wrapping it with uncoated copper wire, applied flux and soldered it.

    i figured it wouldn't hold because of the disimilar metals.

    well,'s holding and the dish rack is back in service. i gave it the old "Vince's final inspection test".

    i'm not sure what's holding it together other than the tight fit of the solder joint.

    any ideas?


    i made sure i filled up all of the cavities with solder to prevent "stuff" build up.

    sorry for the lousy pics. new camera for Christmas.

    just in case any of you are wondering, i don't dry my dishes on the floor. i needed a good contrasting background.
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    Re: Why did this work????

    i just figured it out. bbbboooooiiinnnggggg!!!!!

    hint; it's got to do with the old weld joint.