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3" Propress and water hammer

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  • 3" Propress and water hammer

    Hi guys, I have a friend that works at the fire department and needs a 3" truck filler line moved because they are breaking out the wall to make room for a new truck. The question I have is that he said the line has a 3" ball valve and about 120 psi and when they shut the vavle down after filling the trucks it hammers like crazy besause his guys just slam it shut. Will Propress fittings be able to handle the hammer issue?
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    Re: 3" Propress and water hammer

    as we know water hammer is very dangerous. it's more than capable of creating 3-4 times more pressure in a spike.

    i've watched my very expensive test gauge spike over 300# on a 1'' domestic automatic sprinkler valve line.

    so can it handle it?

    i say yes.

    is it good? no.

    so you need to either replace that fast acting ball valve with a globe valve, install a big enough expansion tank to help absorb the spike or better yet, educate the people and explain the possible side affects they're creating.

    also install a pressure gauge to monitor the spike. get the one with the floating needle to mark the spike.

    see you in september. go team geritol

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