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3 ways reg. Or high speed???

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  • 3 ways reg. Or high speed???

    I'm looking to purchace a 3 way head to use with my 300, they come 3 ways, Regular, High Speed, Stainless Steel. I am using it for carbon steel, gas pipe and boilers.
    Any suggestions?
    Also is there any adjustments on the 12R ratcheting threaders?

    Thanks for the help.

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    Re: 3 ways reg. Or high speed???

    I vote for high speed myself. No there is not any adjustments.

    Personally I would get the carriage with cutter, reamer and universal die head. You will find it is much faster and really a better set up. If you don't want to fiddle with setting the die head for different pipe sizes you can always get several die heads and just leave them set for that size, but it is not that hard to get them set.



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      Re: 3 ways reg. Or high speed???

      Thanks G3, I'm just trying to speed things up because we change sizes so often