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What type of torch do you like?

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  • What type of torch do you like?

    Hello fellow plumbers,

    What kind of torches/fuel do you prefer? I used to be quite in love with my STK 99 turbo torch with mapp gas, but now I only use it with a full bottle and when the journeyman isn't using his B-tank. Since he let me start using acetylene I really prefer it over mapp/propane. No sputtering in cold weather, the flame remains the same the whole time, it's also a really hot and concentrated flame that makes it more difficult to damage sensitive componenents/framing/drywall/vapor barrier. The control factor is Majorly increased. Every plumber at my company except one prefers acetylene. The one guy who likes hand torches really only likes them because they are less expensive and lighter to carry around. I personally like acetylene the best, but I'm sure that a mapp gas bottle with a hose on the regulator and hand piece similar to that of a b-tank setup would be quite good. Does anyone here have any experience with these?

    Any preferences/comments?

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    Re: What type of torch do you like?

    All i've ever really used was acetylene gas when i first started out we were using presto lite torches with b tanks.. Now i use the turbo torch and mc tank. I really like the turbo torch air swirl combustion tips i also especially like the fact that they make a really small tip..
    The advantages of acetylene over maphand torch is it burns at much higher temperature than map.. You can use different sized tips for precise heating of different sized tube.. The hose and handle on the torch makes it possible to orientate and reach in really tight spaces like a ceiling or ditch unlike the map with the bottle attached..