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Threader tool marks

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  • Threader tool marks

    We have a 535 threader used in our sensor dept. to thread alloy pipe for protection tubes. Is there any way to prevent the tool marks left by the threader jaw?

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    Re: Threader tool marks

    If the jaws are slipping on the pipe I would suggest new inserts and then tighten the chuck hard. You will still have the indented marks from the inserts but not the slipage.

    If the jaws are slipping the inserts might be full of metal shavings and not gripping good either. Take a stiff wire brush to them and clean out the shavings. Galvanized and painted pipe is bad for this, and once the pipe slips the inserts will be full.

    If you are asking for some kind of plastic or soft faced inserts, I do not know of any.

    Something else to think about..........are the dies good and sharp, if not they will make the threader pull harder, causing the jaws to slip also. What kind of pipe, dies, and cutting oil are you using? Could even be the wrong type of dies or cutting oil.