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Ridgid die Damage (Pics)

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  • Ridgid die Damage (Pics)

    I have never seen a set of dies do this... I was at the supply house when these were returned. The owner said he threaded two ends when he noticed this on the third end...

    Ever seen dies do this?

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    Re: Ridgid die Damage (Pics)

    Was he threading stainless steel pipe?


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      Re: Ridgid die Damage (Pics)

      1 1/4" Import steel pipe (The guy was working on a residential gas line).


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        Re: Ridgid die Damage (Pics)

        I wonder if the dies were installed correctly?

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          Re: Ridgid die Damage (Pics)

          12-r threader in a 600 or 700 machine?

          enough oil?

          phoebe it is


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            Re: Ridgid die Damage (Pics)

            12-R and the dies still had oil on them in the pics but I can't be sure what type or how much was used...

            Funny that one die spalled out at the start of the teeth and another at the end of the teeth...hmmmm


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              Re: Ridgid die Damage (Pics)

              My first thought would be no oil while cutting.

              Second would be dies placed in wrong position.

              Third would be hard spots in the pipe since it is foriegn.

              Fourth would be od of pipe flared out just a little from cutting with dull cutters and then forcing the dies to start with a 600 or 700.

              Lastly would be bad dies from the factory.

              Was he pulling it by hand or with a machine?

              We had some 4" dies on an Oster floor machine to do the same thing right in the middle of the dies, sent them back to Oster and they made them up, sent a letter to us later saying the dies were not heat treated correctly and were soft in the middle.



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                Re: Ridgid die Damage (Pics)

                Hard to say what was wrong...
                Clearly focused pictures would have been nice...
                Dies installed out of order...
                Improper oiling whether not used or, improper cutting fluid used...
                Problems with the materials being threaded...
                Improper operator technique used....

                Who knows....
                Bad dies would be on my low probability list though...
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                  Re: Ridgid die Damage (Pics)

                  My first, second, and third guess would be that the foreign pipe had hard spots. I'm saying this as I have been there with the foreign pipe and hard spot problems. We did seem to notice that some of the pipe we were getting for a project had a somewhat "shiny" coating on it, and not a wet coating as maybe a preservative. Some of the pieces of pipe seemed to have very hard spots in them and we did break a few of the beginning teeth off of our new dies. Other teeth a few threads back begin to turn blue, even with new Ridgid Kleer-Cut oil flowing onto the dies. We had to pay more for what we were assured was "American pipe" to get the job done. Our supplier told us that the foreign pipe was made from just about any steel they could melt down to make the pipe out of. My two cents worth on this, David