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Adding shear rings to existing Fernco?

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  • Adding shear rings to existing Fernco?

    I have a 4 in. ABS waste stack that connects to a 4 in. cast iron pipe coming out of the concrete basement floor using an unshielded Fernco coupling. I have not removed the Fernco to look at the pipes but I suspect they two pipes aren't cut flush with each other since there is some play in the connection. Is it possible to purchase and add a metal shield to this Fernco to make sure the pipes stay alligned or do I have to replace the Fernco with a new one?

    It would be convenient to just get something like a shear ring and put it around the middle of the Fernco...assuming that can even be done.

    The reason I ask is that this pipe will be behind a new false wall as part of a basement remodel. The wall will have an panel to allow access to the waste stack's cleanout. I just want to make sure I don't need to worry about the ABS to Cast connection after the wall is up.

    Any comments would be appreciated.

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    Re: Adding shear rings to existing Fernco?

    i would remove it and put on the proper connection. a shielded transition band and make sure the ends are cut correctly.

    it may be fine, but if ya know about it why not fix it? and be done


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      Re: Adding shear rings to existing Fernco?

      If it were as simple as sliding the old one off and sliding on a new one I probably would. I just doubt there is four inches of give in the stack to get the new one on. I'd have to cut the ABS and put in a new section which would include putting in a new leanout and a new 2 inch T. I guess that's doable, just more work than I had hoped. Sure would have been easy to just add a shearing section