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  • Nibco Press Fittings

    I recently had an isolated problem with some Nibco press fittings that resulted in a leak. This had to do specifically with some 1" press ball valves that I purchased.

    What occurred is that I replaced a 1" cold water supply shut off and regulator for a house. I used Viega fittings throughout with the exception of a 1" Nibco ball valve. The ball valve leaked at both press joints. I rebuilt the assembly with a 2nd Nibco 1" ball valve and it also leaked at the press joints. I tried re-pressing the joints with my back up Ridgid 320E press tool and still the valve leaked at the joints.

    In closer inspection I found that the black fitting gaskets were defective IMO. I had 6 other 1" Nibco ball valves and they all appeared to have this same problem. There is a recess in the fitting where the gasket sits. Normally you can feel the gasket with your finger as it protrudes slightly into the waterway of the pipe. In this instance it was found to be stretched and thin with no part of it actually extended out into the water way of the fitting - thus no seal.

    I notified Nibco about this right away and they did respond. I got a refund for the 8 valves I had purchased with the bad seals and was compensated for the lost time and materials for the job. The supply house where I bought these valves also carried a large number of other Nibco press fittings. I checked many of these and found them all to be just fine (gaskets). So I believe this to be an isolated manufacturing problem but wanted to keep you guys in the loop just in case.

    I am not trying to blast Nibco as I have installed thousands of Nibco ball valves over the years with zero problems and consider them one of the better plumbing manufacturing companies. This is the only complaint I have had with them and feel they did stand behind their product 100%.

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    Re: Nibco Press Fittings

    I haven't particularly had this problem I use only FNW propress valves because they are shorter than the Nibco. But I have seen a few of Nibco's propress ball valves returned sitting on my rep's desk. I was like "ouch! I would have been pissed if I had to cut that out and start over again!". I like Nibco too they make good products for the most part, I perfer their IPS and sweat ball valves over FNW just not their propress.

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      Re: Nibco Press Fittings

      Have you looked at the Nibco valve lately?
      Have they remedied the flaw yet?