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New Rp-210 need info

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    Re: New Rp-210 need info

    lets think about it jc.

    a drum machine is a tight wind cable that will retain water within the winds. so unless your drum machine is inside of the cabinet within inches of the drain opening. you'll have exposed cable that is retaining water. why do you always have to empty the drum when you're finished with the drains

    yet the sectional doesn't trap water in the open wind and spins 3 times faster to spin dry the cable in the drum.

    why does the drum machine require it to be emptied after the job? because the cable is bringing back water into the drum unless you're running an open drum

    a kitchen sink is always a challenge as to clean the line properly requires the trap to be removed and running water requires a hose to be placed into the line. a n.h. band and 45 makes a simple way to keep the cable running and allow water to flow into the line. of course 50% of my kitchens either have a c/o outside wall or i go onto the roof with no mess to worry about.

    think about it j.c. who is more prone to getting dirty on a job. a new apprentice or a seasoned journeyman when i first started out, i had black abs glue all over my hands and clothes. today, i come home with clean hands and clothes on a normal day. of course with jetting overhead drains, that's a whole different story

    after a 8 hour day jetting overhead drains i still was presentable after removing my zoot suit

    phoebe it is


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      Re: New Rp-210 need info

      hay umm is that a "Picture" of a fire extinguisher behind you? or is in in a box? looks very 2 dimensional even for a pic


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        Re: New Rp-210 need info

        Still no video. Guess keeping the cables spun dry and clean can't really be done.

        Anybody got AllClear's number? I need to know which drum to buy.



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          Re: New Rp-210 need info

          If you run hot water down the drain while rolling the cable back up it tends to dry almost instantly, I have very little water in any of my drum machines. As for sectional machines, they still come out wet when you are running lots of water during the drain cleaning process. Next main line I do with a sectional machine I will take a before and after pic of the job site and you will see a small puddle of water or streaks of water where the cables lay.
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