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  • Flare block and pin

    When all else fails call out for Plumber Rick to come to the rescue. Hi guts adn girls, I know you are all graduating to pro-press but we still use flared fittings downunder especially on gas lines. Problem is we are trying to find a 4" or 100mm block and pin. We have a 3" or 80mm one which is just too small. HAs anyone seen one of these and where can we buy it from????????

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    Re: Flare block and pin

    the largest flaring tool i have is a 1.5'' hammer style. you insert it onto the end of the tube and whack it with a 3# hand sledge/ engineering hammer.

    i would like to see your 3'' flaring tool. can you post a photo.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Flare block and pin

      Rick, two of my mates have told me that they have 3"block and pins as you have described. I have all sizes upto 2". However it was a high risk gas job that we were working on which led to us using a 4"flared union. I am going to have one of my fitter mates make up a couple of block and pins for me when he has a moment. We may only use them once in thirty years but if it gives yo a result its worth every bit of use.

      Will stay in touch rick with this. By the way my mate was quoted over $500.00 ++++ au/dollar for a 3"block and pin. Some might think we are backwards but we are all similar but still different.