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  • Bench Chain Vise

    Hello Fellas
    I have just picked up two Ridgid bench chain vises they are rated up to 2" or I think 2 1/2" from a garage sale in great shape.I understand how the chain vise works,but could someone tell me how you bend tubing with the beders on it?Also how do you go about mounting it on a bench
    Many Thanks

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    Re: Bench Chain Vise

    there should be 3 bolt holes in the vise. 2 of them are on the actual bending mandrels. 1 is on the vise flat portion.

    the shiny silver post at 9 o'clock is 1 of 2 bending post.

    these are just for tweaking pipe and not really a bender like an electrician uses. even the ones on tristands are a thing of the past.

    keep the chain oiled if it's stiff and the jaws wired clean.

    if you post a photo, it will be easier to confirm your vise.

    phoebe it is