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Faulty pressure tester

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  • Faulty pressure tester

    I have a new ridgid 1450 pressure testing pump that has stopped working, when you lift the arm it sucks in water but when you push it down, the water pushes back out of the tube instead of goingthrough the machine, is this easily fixed or is there somewere i can get advice. Have looked at ridgid website but there was no information or technical help.

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    Re: Faulty pressure tester

    The problem you describe may be related to dirt or mineral deposits inside the Intake valve. If water is drawn into the pump when the handle is lifted BUT you can see the water forced back into the reservior when you lower the handle, the Intake valve is not closing. After water is drawn into the pump durng the handle lift, the Intake valve must close to force the water through the Output valve. If for any reason, the Input valve does not close, the water just passes back and forth in the reservior. Any small piece of debris could keep the valve from closing. You may be able to lift the handle and quickly lower it and try to dislodge any stuck particle that may be trapped in the valve. If you are not successful after several attempts, Ridge sells a valve repair kit # 59217 that can be ordered through your local Ridgid Distributor. If you require additonal information contact Ridgid Technical Service @ 1-800-519-3456.
    Ridge Technical Serivce