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Fernco for hydraulic union

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  • Fernco for hydraulic union

    Hello all my professional friends.

    We just had some elevator repair done, the main shut off was leaking at the supply side of the hydraulic tank. Originally all black pipe threaded connections, but when they replaced the the shut off, they re-connected it with what appears to be nothing more than a simple fernco union.

    Well guess what, it's leaking again! They have double clamps on each side of the fernco, but the hydraulic pressure is now overcoming the seal. That is my first problem. My second is if this fernco will hold up long term to the oil eating away at the rubber?

    Seems all wrong to me, and I am going to contact the owner to fix it. But would like for you all to back me up. Tell me if I'm wrong.

    There are no markings on the fernco indicating that it is suitable for contact with oil.



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    Re: Fernco for hydraulic union

    Not sure of the chemical make up of hydraulic oil but this chart notes ferncos ore NOT recommended with machine oil and linseed oil.
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      Re: Fernco for hydraulic union

      Who did the work? Don't elevator service companies have to be licensed by the City? Not any putz is allowed to work on elevators here in NJ and I thought it was that way everywhere due to the risk involved.

      AFAIK all hydraulic pipe should be some type of mechanical joint or welded, a Fernco or similar repair is definitely a no-no.

      Call whoever did this and get your money back, then report them to the city licensing board, lastly, find a reputable elevator service company.
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        Re: Fernco for hydraulic union

        This is a reputable licensed company, certified to work on elevators. But I have a strong suspicion that this company sent subs to handle this job.

        We have not paid yet. We do not intend to until it is repaired to our satisfaction.

        Thanks to Gene for the chart. I printed it up and will have it on hand for our meeting. And thanks Bob for your insight on the proper way this job should have been done. I completely agree!