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  • Nipple Chuck Parts

    I purchased an 819 nipple chuck used. It was working beautifully for a long time until one day I grabbed it from the van and I found that one of the pins that hold it together worked its way out from bouncing around on the shelf. I found the pin and got it all back together and working again. While I had it apart I noticed that the spring inside was all ragged out and now it doesn't return to the set position by its self because of the spring

    Now I need to find a new spring and maybe a new pin to replace the one that came out on its own. I can seem to find anyplace on the web that lists or sells parts for it. Can anybody direct me to where I can get these parts.

    Thanks In advance.

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    Re: Nipple Chuck Parts

    these guy stock all the ridgid parts should have what you need

    or here: