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pressing between the doctors

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  • pressing between the doctors

    had a doctors appoint today at 5pm with joey who is now 8+ months pregnant

    finished with that dr. and went out to dinner. then off to the next doctors office. this time it was for work.

    the building plumber called me today for a hot water leak in the 1'' return line in the 4th floor ceiling of a 10 story medical complex. told them to get it drained down and we'll be there at 7pm.

    so fed joey and took her along to propress this repair. knowing i was just going to propress in some fittings, i knew she would be occupied in the office reading the magazines.

    the reason they called me was they weren't sure if they could safely get the water drained down from the 10 story building with lots of medical/ x-ray equipment installed just below.

    needless to say, the propress, impressed them all. plus i was able to drag joey along. she knew propress would get it done and not make a pregnant girl cry

    propress gets it done when the pressure is on


    4th. floor dental office of a 10 story medical complex. working form the 1 ceiling tile.

    the 1'' cxc 90 with a hose clamp and rubber leaking onto the x-ray equipment below.

    compleated repair without joey giving birth waiting for me to solder.
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    phoebe it is