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  • i'm stumped

    well i guess i got stumped, not that i'm stumped

    my customer is redoing their city sidewalk. problem is the ficus tree not only lifted the sidewalk, it lifted the 1'' copper water service.

    concrete guy missed with his pick while trying to cut out the roots and poked a hole in the copper.

    problem is the water meter is embedded in the base of the tree. no way to re bore and lower the service to 12'' below the surface.

    had the owner call the city dwp/ department of water and power, to see about relocating the meter to a better spot.

    in the mean time i was able to get the meter out of the box and stub it up. connect a ball valve and hose adapter. route a brand new water hose up the tree, over the sidewalk and back the other side to a temporary riser that i propressed onto the existing 1'' main.

    will install a 2'' abs sleeve under the walk for a future new service. waiting for the concrete guy to finish chopping wood and the city to give me a meter location.


    copper was actually pushed up with sidewalk without breaking. problem is the pipe is a good 6'' higher than the new sidewalk level.

    as you can see, this is how i ran the temporary water hose across the sidewalk to keep out of the way until i get a meter location.

    managed to get the meter disconnected at the meter vault. as you can see, the meter is buried in the roots at the base of the ficus tree. put a ball valve to control the water if the hose gets broken.

    used the propress to turn up the service and secured the hose with a rope from the tree branch down.
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    Re: i'm stumped

    That is sure one for the books If I ever saw it, HA HA HA HA
    I don't bite my finger nails, I KNOW when payday is, and yes, it can run uphill when it gets blocked(or you install a grinder pump) so HA!!!!


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      Re: i'm stumped

      it is amazing what trees can do,

      not trying to cause a problem here and I know this is temporary, emergency situation.

      but many garden hoses have "lead" in them and are not recommended for potable water supply, uses,

      I guess there are special NSF approved hoses for RV/marine use, that are lead free,

      when I learned of this I was surprised to read the label on the back of the package and see many of the Garden hoses contain lead and not to use for potable water uses,
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        Re: i'm stumped

        thanks for the link.

        but the article mentioned pvc hoses.

        this hose is rubber.

        she wanted the green rubber over the black rubber as it was going to get used for the garden after the job was over.

        they weren't planning on drinking the water. for that they have bottled water.

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          Re: i'm stumped

          Never seen that!