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ThreadingJIS (Japanese Industrial Standard)

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  • ThreadingJIS (Japanese Industrial Standard)

    Does somebody know if RIDGID has JIS Dies for threading machines?

    I have a customer that need work with this kind of pipe and I have no idea if it is possible.

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    Re: ThreadingJIS (Japanese Industrial Standard)

    this is the only thing I could find, about Ridgid and JIS,
    and the thread is from 2003

    I have no experience but this gives indication that there is a correlation between the British pipe threads and JIS,

    Ridgid apparently carries some British & International Standards dies,

    may need to get a hold of a good distributer and see what is compatible,
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      Re: ThreadingJIS (Japanese Industrial Standard)

      Dear Mr. Moraes,

      Thank you for your inquiry. We have been evaluating your post and BHD is correct there is some correlation between BSPT and and the Japanese Tapered Pipe Thread except the Japnese thread has 2 extra threads. Thus the outside diameter of the thread at the end of the pipe will be smaller than the BSPT (Longer thread).

      We would like to know a few more pieces of information - How often do you run across a JIS requirement? What is the application driving this requirement? How many threads are required?

      Please answer the above questions and we will continue to review our options in hopes of developing a resolution.

      Best regards,

      Larry Feskanich
      RIdge Tool Company
      Product Manager
      Threading and Pipe fabrication