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uPVC sch 80 pressure pipe jointing !

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  • uPVC sch 80 pressure pipe jointing !

    I have to lay a 4 inch dia water supply line (pressure line). I have been using the cement solvent jointing method so far but this time my supervisor has brought the pipes that can only be fitted through rubber ring joint, kind of push and fit. Can this type of jointing acceptable for pressure lines or only suitable for non pressure applications.Thanks

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    Re: uPVC sch 80 pressure pipe jointing !

    it requires the use of thrust blocks. just as easy as it goes together, it will pull apart if not properly restrained. they also make saddle clamps that help to hold the straight lengths from pulling apart.

    your soil is sandy. that will make for good compaction and fill. but it's the water hammer that will cause movement.

    phoebe it is