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My first Pro Press job

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    Re: My first Pro Press job

    Originally posted by HVAC HAWK View Post
    ok i did post another picture and there is a ding in the pipe so what whats your point

    i dont have to prove any thing to any one you dont like me or my work dont look at it

    maybe if you say some nice things people may like you a little better .i dont know you and you dont know me so like i said what was your point in asking what it was on the 90 ,are you just looking to start something if so say what you want at least i post pictures
    It just seems some peoples work is held to a higher standard than others and there are selective eyes on this forum.
    Some people here will comb through a pic and arm chair plumb it from their livingroom and call you a hack if they dont agree with it.
    I never did that,I just pointed out a ding. So what.

    I realize you dont hafta prove anything but again others are expected to prove everything or they are called a hack and accused of short changing customers. I even acknowledge your not abligated to prove anythign to anyone in one of my previous posts on this thread.

    Its not about if people like me or not.....thats not the issue and if I like thm is not an issue. I dont dislike anyone here but I expect to be treated equal...not nit picked about which side of the wall I do my work from or why I cut an access panel or not.

    So dont take it so personal.....I mean it is a ding right?? Whats the big deal? You didn't see me go off the handle when it was pointed out to me did you?

    I ven said I wasn't replacing the ding in the pipe I installed...It was others that had a problem with it.


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      Re: My first Pro Press job

      Originally posted by MoJourneyman View Post
      Sorry, I was actually busting TheMaster's chops, not yours. I very rarely say anything on this forum with the intent of being mean spirited, That's reserved for video game forums

      The pictures you posted here show excellent workmanship, and honestly, I see nothing to rag you about. Given the price of those fittings it would take a heck of a lot worse dent than that to make me not install it.
      i know thanks

      My seek the peek fundraiser page

      new work pictures 12/09


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        Re: My first Pro Press job

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          Re: My first Pro Press job

          Excellent work! Sure is a lot cleaner looking than a solder job...


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            Re: My first Pro Press job

            Originally posted by Kona plumber View Post
            Excellent work! Sure is a lot cleaner looking than a solder job...
            this now makes 3 plumbers from hawaii

            i'll be the first to tell you, have tools, will travel
            let me know when you need a propress for yourself or any other tool. i'm sure i have a few extras to deliver to the islands

            phoebe it is