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    Re: Hanging Chad

    Originally posted by DUNBAR PLUMBING View Post
    What's the safe distance for soldering a joint next to a propress joint?
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      Re: Hanging Chad

      Originally posted by PLUMBER RICK View Post
      actually ridgid was thinking about us plumbers with this feature.

      they accomplished 2 of the 3 plumbers rules and actually improved on them.

      since we were always told not to chew our fingernails, they designed a nail scraper built into the pressed fitting

      and the old rule of paydays on friday, has been drastically improved.

      every time i use my propress or any other ridgid tool, it's payday

      now if they could only make pooh go uphill

      charlie, i'll try doing some test with different jaws and fitting brands.

      is 1/2'' the worse. what machine are you using? the 210 or 330 using the jaws or swivel rings?

      just for you charlie

      Are you poking fun at Ridgid pumps?
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        Re: Hanging Chad

        I have a few questions for you.
        What brand of fittings are you using?
        Is the fin that bad on every size or is the 1/2" the worst?
        You are using an RP-210B correct?
        For up to 2" which tool are you using?


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          Re: Hanging Chad

          [For your questions on pressing near soldered joints here is a pdf with the clearance requirements.

          ProPress Min clearance Doc_Fittings & Jaws.pdf