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  • Pipe threading

    At what length black iron pipe would it be wise to use a manual threader instead of an automatic due to support? Does it just depend on the machine your using and if the rear and frontal support will hold the entire length?

    When threading the pipe (2") do you stop and reverse every so often to remove burrs?

    When finished threading, if the male connection will not go far into the female connection when tightening by hand, is this a bad threading job?


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    Re: Pipe threading

    It doesn't matter if it's a full length of black iron (21'), once it's in my vice, I'll use my ladder to support the the rest of the pipe.

    I don't have an actual pipe stand.

    As far as 2" black iron goes, we use the Ridgid 65R-C as we prefer to do it by hand. Yes a hand held power threader can do 2" black iron, but it's very easy for the vice to slip on the pipe and yourself getting possibly injured. If you were doing a lot of 2" threading, I would use or rent a Power threading machine.