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Going Nuts With Pipe Threading Problem!

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  • Going Nuts With Pipe Threading Problem!

    Hey All, New here and I come with a problem! I am working on putting in a compressed air line, 3/4" Sch. 40, and am doing all the threads with a 12R Ridgid hand threader. It was working great till yesterday, then it started getting hard to turn at the end of the threads, and if you push it, it will goose egg the pipe-

    Click image for larger version

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    Okay, so ordered new set of HSS Ridgid dies. Put 'em in, same thing. Plenty of oil, even tried tapping compound for difficult threads, no go. Tried another length of pipe (its all Wheatland) same thing. I wouldn't think it would be the pipe as all the other pieces have threaded okay, but at this point, not ruling anything out! Also, installed the new dies correctly according to the directions. Tried "chip breaking" with moving a little bit, then go.

    About at wits end, getting this job done is past due, and I am getting further behind now that the threader is not working! Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!!

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    Re: Going Nuts With Pipe Threading Problem!

    The dies are not set right. Loosen the dies place a nipple inside and tighten the dies to it.


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      Re: Going Nuts With Pipe Threading Problem!

      Thanks guys! I think I have them set right...I think! Procedure I used was to screw a nipple in with the screws lose on the retaining plate, screw the nipple in till it starting cutting, then tighten the screws on the plate all the way. Also have the dies in the correct slots according to the numbers.


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        Re: Going Nuts With Pipe Threading Problem!

        I am late to the party, but sounds like your dies are to tight.


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          Re: Going Nuts With Pipe Threading Problem!

          Woot! Got it figured out, the dies were not set right! Here's what worked-
          1. After placing dies in the correct slots, install cover plate. Tighten screws, then back off 1/2 a turn or so.
          2. Get a nipple that has a good thread on it, and thread the die on. Use the threader handle. Take it a turn or so after it starts cutting.
          3. I used a adjustable wrench and screw driver to tighten the plate screws to make sure its tight.
          Thank so much for pointing me in the right direction! Now if you'll excuse me, gotta get this job done!


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            Re: Going Nuts With Pipe Threading Problem!

            Gaaaa! Its back to the same thing!!! I did one good thread, posted here on the forum about it, and now am having all kinds of problems and all day made 4 acceptable threads-not pefect, I sure hope they don't leak! I'm so frustrated! If anything, the old dies seem like they are doing better than the brand new ones for less tendency to bend it, but the new ones do cut better.


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              Re: Going Nuts With Pipe Threading Problem!

              loosen the dies and screw a good nipple in ,one thread past the end of the die and tighten it down


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                Re: Going Nuts With Pipe Threading Problem!

                Sorry for the delay in reporting back, busy! The procedure with the nipple does not work. In desparation, I roughed out the threads on a lathe, then finished them with the die. Worked great that way!

                The only thing I can think is that plate is not enough to hold the dies in position, or its incorrectly machined, and allows the dies to get pushed out of position. Its an older set I have, but a like new one. Might have came defective from the factory.

                The good news is that the air line is going and no air leaks!

                Just to figure out this for the next time!


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                  Re: Going Nuts With Pipe Threading Problem!

                  my buddy cuts all his threads with a single point on his cnc lathe.

                  is the plate and dies all aligned properly by number. are the screws the proper ones?

                  the factory nipple method is the best way to set up the die other than a go no go gauge.

                  good factory cutting oil?

                  glad you have access to a lathe and know how to cut tapered threads

                  phoebe it is