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Toledo Pipe Threading Machine No. 1-A

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  • Toledo Pipe Threading Machine No. 1-A

    Hello! I don't know if anyone can point me in the right direction here...
    I recently purchased a Toledo Pipe Threading Machine (very old). Got it from a retired Gulf Service Station Mechanic who had every tool imaginable after 35 years of running his garage.

    It has a set of dies with it ("Reliable" Conant & Donelson Co) - of all different sizes and also, several sets of threading 'bits'? depending on the size of the pipe (I'm guessing).

    Could anyone out there tell me what this thing might be worth.....or is it so old that technology has advanced beyond it being useful to anyone? Do folks still use these machines?

    A friend of mine is a long-time union pipe fitter and referred me here to see if anyone could provide any insight about this relic of a tool set.

    Thanks very much for your assistance!


    The Toledo No. 1-A
    The Toledo Pipe Threading Machine Co.
    Serial Number: 27769
    Conant & Donelson Co.
    Greenfield, MASS USA

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    Re: Toledo Pipe Threading Machine No. 1-A

    there is such an abundant of used threading machines out there that if someone gave you $500.00 you should not only jump on it, you should deliver it too.

    search on ebay for prices. get a feel and post good photos.

    don't hold your breath. maybe your local craigs list might be better due to the weight. also post some flyer's at the local supply houses with good photos.

    if you knew how many threaders i own, and what they cost vrs what they're worth, you would fall over. the used market has more that can be sold.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Toledo Pipe Threading Machine No. 1-A

      WOW, RICK WASN'T KIDDING ! 5 pages of threaders for sale. Want a used 700 CHEAP
      Prices will get lower ,I think
      I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .


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        Re: Toledo Pipe Threading Machine No. 1-A

        The Home Improvement Classifieds | is another up and coming site...good for construction stuff.