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Pro press lessons learned.

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  • Pro press lessons learned.

    Here is what I have learned in the last few months.

    1. Pro press really shines in 2" or larger. Typical applications are commercial and usually demand limited down time.
    2. Pro press is not the answer for everything-still need to solder. Not all fitting are always available. It is easy on weekends to find fittings but not always propress. Also, I prefer solder on deformed soft copper that has been stubbed up, bent, runover, stuccoed, and painted. And then had every phone, cable, irrigation, electrical system overtightened their ground clamps to it. Yes, that was a rant.
    3. For small stuff buy the 210b without the jaws to save funds. Then buy the V1/C1 set. For repair work, the C1 set is much easier to get in to difficult, or tight places.
    4. Pro press does require attention to detail. Follow the instructions that come in the 10 packs. Use a sharpie to mark the depth and ensure the pipe is fully seated in the fitting. Ream in and out. Check O rings for nicks.
    If I don't do this, I get leaks.