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Trouble with threading die head Quadri 500

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  • Trouble with threading die head Quadri 500

    Hi all. Well, I should explain that I'm not a plumber by trade, however, I know my way around residential systems. As the subject line states, I'm having some trouble with my threader.

    I picked up a used 300 threader that came with a universal die head as well as a Quadri 500 head. The universal had 1/2"-3/4" dies and the Quadri had 1"-2" dies. Anyhow, the universal setup is cutting threads beautifully and without a a hitch.
    I changed the die head to thread some 1" pipe and I noticed that when I set the head in the slot that the lower tab sits in, it rides lower, so it doesn't align with the pipe. Not wanting to muck with the adjusting screw, I just put a piece of rubber gasket in there to better center the dies to the pipe.

    The problem arose when I set the threader to begin cutting. The dies started to cut, but even if I pushed, they just wouldn't grab. Tried over/under cuts and nothing would help. I inspected the dies and they seemed fine. No nicks, still sharp, not fouled with junk.

    So after a wasted day of cursing, and scouring eBay for new dies, I decided to swap the dies. BAM!! NO PROBLEM! The dies grabbed on and cut beautiful threads. So, through the process of elimination, isolated the culprit. My question is: Is the Quadri 500 die head salvageable, or is it scrap metal now. Is there anything I should look for? I did notice some hammer marks on the boss that the open/close handle rests on which leads me to believe that the head may have been rendered 'unsquare' causing the dies to be introduced crookedly.

    There it is. I'd like to know if I'm missing something that can be adjusted here, or if the obvious is staring me in the face. I'd like to save the hassle of swapping dies out every time I want to cut larger than 3/4" pipe. Plus, I'm less likely to misplace an entire die head over just the dies.

    Thanks mucho. I eagerly await your responses...

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    Re: Trouble with threading die head Quadri 500

    I have no doubt as a re modeler you know what you are doing...
    Your opening line to your question says alot:
    -Since you are a "Re modeler" do you have any legitimate business working on residential systems?
    -It sounds as though you are doing work that should be left to a licensed professional

    Of course I could be wrong on all counts *shrug*, that being said what exactly is a "Quadri 500 Head?"


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      Re: Trouble with threading die head Quadri 500

      If you are talking about the 500 mono heads, they will not take the 1"- 2", 1/2"- 3/4" or 1/4"- 3/8" universal dies (they may fit but not set up correctly, not sure, never really tried it). You will need to get the 500 mono dies for that particular head. Universal dies fit in the universal heads (pipe size adjustable). If you pulled the 1"-2" dies out of the 500 die head and they worked in the 811, 811A, 815A, etc. then that answered your question.


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        Re: Trouble with threading die head Quadri 500

        here are a couple of links

        die heads
        Optional Die Heads - RIDGID Professional Tools

        dies for heads
        Pipe & Bolt Dies for Machine Die Heads - RIDGID Professional Tools

        As you can see the 500 die head is size specific, meaning it will only thread one size of pipe.