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  • Threading machine recommendation

    I work for a metal fabrication shop. We got a job to make several racks and tables made out of black iron pipe. I am looking for a machine that could be used to cut threads 16 hours a day 6 days a week till mid summer. The pipe is mostly 3/4" but we do have some 1" jobs. Most likely all the threading will be outsourced and will just have a machine for the random replacement part. But I really don't know what all is available and I stumped my machinery supplier.


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    Re: Threading machine recommendation

    that sounds like a lot of pipe to fab.

    a 535a would be a good choice as the chuck is automatic and has a built in oiler.

    the 300 compact is also a good choice but lacks the auto chucking.

    the 1210 oiless is a great compact machine and doesn't create an oily mess. but it is limited to 1/2''-1'' pipe. probably not designed for the amount of production work you have planned.

    i would also consider a cnc lathe as it will do a precision job 24/7.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Threading machine recommendation

      Find yourself a a good used 300 or 535. They are time tested and almost indestructible. If you get a 300 be sure to get the carriage with the die head, cutter, reamer and oil pan.

      Check on ebay and craigslist.

      Cost could be anywhere from $500 to a little over $3,000 for a new set up


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        Re: Threading machine recommendation

        Not sure if I am reading it right. I think you want to cut off the threads. Mitre saw or chop saw with a metal cutting wheel!
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          Re: Threading machine recommendation

          They way I read your request is that you need to cut and thread both 3/4" and 1" blk stl pipe.
          I still have one the automatic Collins 22A's that my Dad bought about 1960 when he built our first top out truck.
          It's still working as strong as ever.
          If you're just cutting off the threads, as someone else queried, why not just order plain end?


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            Re: Threading machine recommendation

            300's are great machines and readily available. Plenty on E-Bay. Check 'em out.