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Papa's got a brand new bag!!!

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    Re: Papa's got a brand new bag!!!

    Thank you Mr. Rick. I send 'ol Viega a message tomorrow and see where it gets me. I guess I need to state that once in a blue moon (about every 3 or 4 years) the state of KY lets go of a little money that can only be spent on equipment (items that cost over 250). I usually try to pick out some up to date modern equipment that students will be using and putting their hands on when they leave my program. Propress ain't nothin' but bad ***!!! You just can't deny that. Skill or no's an accepted and recognized part of our trade and it's technology at its' finest!!! I teach all facets of piping, but smarter, not harder. Get in, get out and try to make a dollar in the process!!! Without advancements we become stagnant. Ya'll have a great week.