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More pipe bursting and mole pics!

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  • More pipe bursting and mole pics!

    Here are some pics using the pipe burster to pull in a pipe for a footing drain.

    The sewer had bad bellies so we had to trench it the old fashion way with shovels! But after the sewer was inspected the owner let us put in a french drain because the water table was over the sewer line and it flooded the basement in heavy rains. We already had a good trench but needed to punch a line from the trench to near the edge of the property. We used the mole to set the grade and base hole then used the pipe burster to enlarge the hole and pull in some HDPE as the tight line. Water line 1 foot to the left gas line a foot to the right, came out perfect saved a lot of labor because of hard pan and tree roots and the owner was happy.
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    Re: More pipe bursting and mole pics!

    Thanks to Rick this is how I got this concept, he long ago showed using a pressure washer mini jet system to make a primary hole then use a auger and drill to make the hole for the pipe, I just enhanced the procedure to using a air mole and the pipe burster... Thanks Rick!
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      Re: More pipe bursting and mole pics!

      thanks cuda. here is the thread you're referring to from 10/08. 12' blind bore with 4'' pipe on grade.

      phoebe it is