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Thread cutting in small space

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    Re: Thread cutting in small space

    Maybe one of these would work? Not sure of approvals though.

    Anvil Piping Product - Grooved - Gruvlok® - Plain-End Fittings - 7005 Roughneck Coupling


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      Re: Thread cutting in small space

      Originally posted by AZsprinkie View Post
      If they could get approval to use these then that looks to be the easiest solution.
      Plus it gives you the equivalent of two unions as far as assembly/disassembly is concerned.

      I don't remember the OP stating if this was water or something else, and the OP has not been heard form since starting this thread.
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        Re: Thread cutting in small space

        Braze on two 2 1/2" TP x copper adapters. Or TP x male adapters. The TP side will slip right on the brass plain end.
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          Re: Thread cutting in small space

          Originally posted by modunn25 View Post
          I need to cut pipe threads on two 2-1/2" brass nipples that are installed through the sides of a manhole that is about nine feet deep. The clearance is tight, so a I don't think a powered threader will fit. Is it possible to cut threads by hand on using a 2-1/2" die of some sort. If so, how would it be done? I have attached a photo of the existing condition. The threads need to be cut on the manhole side of both Romac fittings visible in the photo[ATTACH]17493[/ATTACH]. The reason for the dilema is that our client will not accept the Romac couplings as a permanent fix.
          To much work. Call the Romac rep and have him take your customer to school. Its an approved permanent solution.
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