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    Re: Cutting Stainless

    Originally posted by Plumbingbyjay View Post
    Did someone say Stainless? I have worked with it a lot. I just bought the new milwaukee metal cutting saw and stainless steel blade. We cut 1/4" thick stainless plate to build Porta potties for a park. I did find out something to use that I did not know about. If you have a 4" grinder. They sell thin abrasive blades marked for stainless steel at home depot. They are cheap. Works great on all types of metal. 2" stainless would probably eat through 2 blades. If you have room to swing black iron pipe cutter, you can buy a wheel for that, or if just making one cut, use the wheel that is in it. I have cut and thread miles of stainless.
    Thats what i was saying earlier, INOX blades. Thinand the only ones to use on SS. Even on ladder, small grinder with care, job done easy


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      Re: Cutting Stainless

      Thanks all that replied. I ended up using an 18V DeWalt Grinder with a DeWalt cutting wheel I had. Around 4" and had written on it rated for stainless.

      Just one of the many ways you guys listed to do it. Maybe not as efficient as some other ways. Details if interested:

      2" Stainless. Not sure of gauge. I'll say "medium".
      Get about 3 cuts out of a newer battery fully charged. (18 Volt NiCd)
      Probably only gonna' get 12 cuts out of this wheel in this scenario.
      Does cut reasonably quick. No time to time it. Had to get done.

      As of this post today, two different metal recyclers within 5 miles of the job priced "clean stainless" at 40 cents and 48 cents a pound.

      Thanks again.


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        Re: Cutting Stainless

        I would not use a cut off wheel for demo work because you could easily shatter that wheel when the pipe get in a bind, (which it will).
        A Reciprocating saw is the best tool to use. Use a Bi-Metal 14 tooth blade. For 2" pipe use 6" blades. Cut at a slower rpm or spm, otherwise you will burn up the blade. Make sure you have spares...