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    You gotta do what you gotta do brother however you can find all sorts of lightly used RIDGID threaders among others right now, today on CL San Diego. I realize its hard to buy USA sometimes, many things just aren't made here anymore and because we have a higher standard of living things are going to cost much more to make here so manufacturers looking to expand have gone elsewhere not just China.

    The Chinese however are quick to move into industries than can bring in cash regardless of intellectual property rights. Many different industries are getting ripped off, out foxed and outsmarted by getting into bed with a society thats ravaged by a generation of communism and seek to grab onto some if not all of our wealth.

    For me I just don't want to help an economic adversary out anymore that I have to, we may faceing them in battle sooner than we think.


    • Drain-slayer
      Drain-slayer commented
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      Unfortunately chinese products are completely unavoidable.

    • Plumber Punky
      Plumber Punky commented
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      at least you know what youre getting with a new chinese product. craigslist is a crapshoot

    • Mightyservant
      Mightyservant commented
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      No question, we had supplier begin manufacturing almost all the hanger attachments we use in China which sucked because they are superior for our craft.
      They're nearest US competitor had ok products but are not very well designed, they look taco, always have, always will.
      So what do you do when the forming machines used to make the parts are packed up and sent to China, fed raw materials made to ISO quality standards and the products gets shipped back to the US to be sold by the same manufacturer only now it's stamped China?
      It sucks, but you gotta do what you gotta do.