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320e press with the soil cutter attachment errors

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  • 320e press with the soil cutter attachment errors

    Hello, Purchased a snap cutter attachment and hooked it up to the 320e press tool. It says to calibrate it first both in the manual and in a bright yellow paper attachment in the box. I tried to calibrate the attachment and it jammed the bottom moving cutter into the stationary cutter so hard that i had to tap on it to free it. I then moved the pin out to the 3" position so the moving cutter would not contact the stationary cutter. This worked ok but the green light was still blinking. I cut 2 pieces of 3" cast as a test but the tool alarmed both times. I know it locks up if i continue to cut when it alarms. Any thoughts ideas from fellow users of this cutter? Thanks.

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    Re: 320e press with the soil cutter attachment errors

    When using snap cutters, it's best rotate the chain as pressure is applied in order to score the pipe completely around the circumference.
    This assures a clean cut and the cutters don't bottom out as sometimes happens, making it difficult to loosen.
    Don't know if this method can be used with PP.
    Might need one of those new 328-P powered snap cutters if you do a lot of CI cutting.
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      Re: 320e press with the soil cutter attachment errors

      If the320-E Press Tool gives an alarm after a cut (red LED blinks/tool beeps for 5seconds) the tool
      needs to be recalibrated.

      Four consecutive alarms will cause the 320-E Press Tool to lock up, and the tool will
      not function again until it has been serviced.

      To recalibrate the 320-E Press Tool, with no soil pipe in the cutter, depress thetool switch and
      complete one tool cycle.The tool is now ready for cutting. Repeat as needed when alarm occurs.