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Portable threader dies

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  • Portable threader dies

    Just curious. As of now when installing gas pipe under ground we use Scotchkote gas pipe(brown). When threading with a reed 701 threader we have to heat the coating off the end of the pipe and strip about 8" of coating where we plan on threading. Then thread the pipe, assemble and re-coat the stripped coating, fittings, pecker marks and teeth marks from the pipe wrench. Then we tape all newly coated pipe and fittings.
    I was wondering if they make dies that are a little bigger for fitting over the Scotchkote so we dont have to strip the pipe. I know on the bigger threaders you dont have to strip the coating to thread.
    If you have to purchase all the size dies for Scotchkote, it might be more cost effective to get a bigger threader

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    Re: Portable threader dies

    ridgid has 12R has over sized die holders for gas pipe

    Exposed Ratchet Threader Sets - RIDGID Professional Tools

    take a look at the last line, it says for
    55207* - - 12-R 1/2"-2" *For plastic-coated pipe.

    and I would think one could take a standard holder and put on a lathe an bore it out a little if you had a extra set all ready,
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      Re: Portable threader dies

      bhd is 100% correct in both his remarks.

      ridgid sells the die head for coated pipe and my buddy steve had a set of normal dies opend up just for gas pipe/ scotchkote pipe. he painted them green to make them obvious they were for the green pipe. now it seems like the grren pipe is brown.

      a bench mounted machine that turns the pipe, doesn't require special dies. there is no follower on the the die heads to keep it centered.

      phoebe it is