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Roll Grooving 3" Sch 80 PVC

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  • Roll Grooving 3" Sch 80 PVC

    I have a job coming up in a few weeks where I need to groove 3" SCH 80 PVC, so I can install a shurlock grooved joint to companion flange adapter. It is for a 3" sumerable ejector pump. I want to be able to undo the grooved joint adapter and slide the lid off the pipe for service.

    The way they have it installed now is all glue joints, and I am not a huge fan of cutting the PVC and using glue couplings just to service the pump or check the check valve. So my plan is gluing on PVC socket by companion flange adapter to the upper pipe, install a flanged 3" ball valve, flanged 3" check valve , then a short piece of pipe with flange adaptors glued to each end. The short pipe would join to the check valve, and to the groove/ companion flange adapter which will attach to the pump discharge pipe.

    With the above setup service will be a breeze down the road. My only issue is I never grooved a pipe in my life. I see a Ridgid 915 on Ebay for half the price of a brand new 915, but I am unsure what groove set wheels I need to do 3" SCH80 PVC. Or is there a inexpensive groover out there that can do this one single joint I need done.?
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    Re: Roll Grooving 3" Sch 80 PVC

    I know they make a 3" socket X groove adapter in CPVC, bot not sure if they make one in pvc. Maybe you could glue one of these cpvc gr. adapters to pvc pipe. Or maybe something similar to these?

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      Re: Roll Grooving 3" Sch 80 PVC

      The standard equipment roll set on the 915 will groove 2-1/2" - 3" Sch. 80 PVC Pipe.

      To identify whether or not the unit is equipped with standard roll set there is a stamp on the drive roller and groover roller listing a capacity of 2"-6" Sch. 10, 2"-3-1/2" Sch 40.

      Althought the capacity required is not labelled on the roll set it is noted in the manual.