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Flaring 3/8 Copper

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  • Flaring 3/8 Copper

    Should a Ridgid 345 Flaring bar be completely tightened when flaring 3/8 OD copper? If I tighten the clamping screw sufficiently enough to get the yoke into position, I have already deformed/crushed the tubing. It seems the bar is not correct for 3/8 OD. I measured the tubing with a dial caliber and it is 3/8. Could Ridgid be getting these from China and being made to a metric close equivalent and not true SAE?

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    Re: Flaring 3/8 Copper

    This is the one that I use. To the best of my knowledge it is no longer made. It's very similar to Ridgid's and it has never, ever failed me:

    Jasco Wolco Tube Flairing Tool Kit Model 100 USA 10 Pieces with Case DRB | eBay


    ... it was plumbed by Ray Charles and his helper Stevie Wonder


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      Re: Flaring 3/8 Copper

      Its been a long time since I've heard about this tip. But I think it whose valve lapping compound or emery paper you can use between the die and tube in order to get a better grip. Maybe try to lap it in with some lapping compound. In any case I don't think it a good idea you don't wont grit in the tube.


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        Re: Flaring 3/8 Copper

        usually when the die could no longer grig the tubing tightly we got new ones.
        we also used to keep a small piece of beeswax to lube the taper
        it made pressing a lot easier
        shooting the s*** is a lot more fun when you use hollow points (much more splatter)

        coffee hell gimme booze!!!


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          Re: Flaring 3/8 Copper

          What about the RIDGID 377 flaring tools. I have one that is stuffed through so many flares I cant remember, I have another which is still running good and I have another as a spare to lone out occasionally. Absolutely brilliant tool