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ProPress Survey Age Discrimination!!!!!

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  • ProPress Survey Age Discrimination!!!!!

    Dear Ridgid,

    You owe me a $100. gift card for wasting my time on the ProPress Survey. To eliminate me from the survey after answering that I was: (1) a plumbing contractor, (2) that I bought the pressing tools for my company, and (3) that I was over the age of 65.

    Methinks, you are practicing AGE DISCRIMINATION, as the third question was the only thing personal thus far in the survey that could possibly disqualify me.

    I'll have you know that 80 is the new retirement age, and many of us geezers plan on being around
    for a long time before we quit, (I didn't say retire). That means that I'll still be making decisions on what gets used at my shop and on my jobs for a long time to come.

    Apparently your survey gurus don't need any input from the guy who bought the first Ridgid ProPress in Arizona, and has made 10's of thousands of dollars using the system. Oh well.

    I don't expect you'll have my $100. gift card in the mail in time for Thanksgiving, as I would use it to match my $100. gift to the local food bank, however, it better be here before Christmas for the same purpose!

    Arizona Plumber

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    Re: ProPress Survey Age Discrimination!!!!!

    I do a fair amount of online surveys and screen out on 1/3 of them for one reason or another.

    Most times for statistical reasons, they have quota's and once the range of whatever is filled, doesn't matter if its age, postal / zip code , sex, if lets pick a number, your number 11 and they only need 10 of that group your gone. If you had been a couple of minutes earlier you would be in and somebody else would be out.


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      Re: ProPress Survey Age Discrimination!!!!!

      Arizona, no worries. I took the survey and it looks like josh Is working on his next invention. If I'm a winner, I'll split it with you. I've got your back.

      phoebe it is