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    Arizona, I too let others play with my propress tools. In fact a newer company that wanted to see 1 in action came to my jobsite 1 day while I changed about 40 valves 1 afternoon. He felt like a kid christmas morning.

    I found a deal for him on a nibco unit. Tried to tell him to buy both the large and small too before the deal went away. He couldn't afford the cost for 2 so he took the larger unit. 2 months later he asked me if I could still get him the smaller unit for the same deal. Sad part was I offered to buy the small unit for him and he could pay me back later.

    but I did sell him his first k60 2 years ago and now he has 3. Its just a matter of seeing the value and knowing the money you spend now will return much more money later. Just ask some of the forum members who recently have plopped down 50k on a trailer jetter.
    1 of them did that within 1 year of coming out to play with mine for a day or 2. sound familiar Robert

    phoebe it is


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      One of these days I'm going to fill everyone in with the story of my Spartan 798 Jetter.

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    I imagine a lot of people would. Suffice to say that I flat rate each fitting at full retail value. I factor in my ProPress just like I would a journeyman plumber, and tie it all together according to my labor calculator. Simple enough for me.


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      Arrizona, got to say you are one smart cookie. I don't know whether the guys down here do what you do because they can hire tools but personally I do similar to you. Mind you we don't have two prices for the fittings(trade and retail) so I hit up the fittings with a mark-up and load a fee for each press. Seems like good business to cover the investment as well as the maintenance