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  • Material take off spreadsheet

    It would be nice if Ridgid could develope an Excel material takeoff spreadsheet for the fittings. One that could be downloaded and customized to meet the needs of bean counters like myself.

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    Have you tried downloading the Fitting Dimensions under the "Codes & Technical Data" section of I think that will take care of what you're looking for.


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      I have downloaded the Dimension and Data sheet that you mentioned. It has some "purpose". But it does not meet my needs. Material take-off sheets are a whole different animal utilizing formulas and calculations to help determine a total amount or cost of a certain item.
      Since you mentioned the Dimension and Data sheet. Could you please fix the flaws it has. Some of the fittings have incorrect dimension data.This was brought to my attention from one of the crew members in my fab-shop.
      Also whats up with the metric crap. I realize that the metric dimensions are converted to inches. But hey last time I looked my tape didn't have 1.323" on it. If you want to sell this stuff in the United States. How about selling a fitting that most Americans can use with ease. Believe it or not some craftmens still take pride in their work. Close enough just doesn't cut it if you want work in my crew.
      Thank GOD for feet & inches calculators. To bad I had too buy one for everyone in my crew just to use your "foreign" made fittings.
      Don't get me wrong I like the system. I just think there is room for improvement.

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