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  • My Mixed Review

    My Mixed Review

    I recently purchased the Pro Press System and after 3 jobs it’s paid for itself.
    The first job included the replacement of 86 gate valves with Hammond ball valves on an apartment complex. The second and third jobs were emergencies at local hotels where the quickness of the System saved a considerable amount of property damage and made us look like heros.
    The apartment complex required 65- 3/4" and 21- 1". In additon 2- 2" Conbraco Reduced Pressure Principal Backflow Assemblies were installed.
    The two man, two day job was fast and profitable.
    For the shut-off valve replacements, we used two ProPress Couplings, 1 with stops, 1 less stops and 8" of copper for nipples for the cxc valves which were fab'd up in the shop.
    After “marking” the pipe, two cuts with a cordless sazall, and a swipe to remove any burrs, the valve assembly was fitted into place. Anyone who has seen the video or tried the tool knows the rest of the story.
    In addition, the owners of the complex were so impressed that we’ve been given an additional 600 units to replace the gate valves and tub/shower valves.
    Some of My Pros include:
    It’s Fast.
    No risk of fire. Very important to all of us.
    Works very well with water.
    Unbeatable in emergency situations.

    Some of My Cons include:
    The outrageous cost of the smaller size, COUPLINGS, LESS STOP!!!! Would you have me believe that it costs that much more to not include the stop?
    Power requirements. A long heavy cord or light plant is a must on many sites. Just a guess but I’d bet that a cordless model is in the works. I hope its affordable.

    The Bottom Line for me:
    I like it. I’ll use it. It will make me money in many situations. However, due to the pricing policy of the fittings, (no discount off the list price locally), I will pre-fabricate as much production work as I can, until such time as the fittings become more affordable, through a competitive distribution system.
    Arizona Plumber