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ProPress 2-1/2"-4"

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  • ProPress 2-1/2"-4"

    Is there any information available as to when the above subject sizes will become available?

    Also, I have yet to recieve any information on the availability of the Labor Calculator for this system.

    What's up.

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    We expect that 2-1/2", 3" and 4" ProPress fittings and jaws to become available in approximately September of this year.

    Regarding a labor calculator, our salesmen have access to a program that can be used to estimate expected savings on a job from crimping instead of soldering. I can also help you. If you want to send me your take-off list at, I would be happy to get something turned around for you.


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      Thanks for the update on the 2-1/2-4.
      Regarding the labor calculator. What I'm looking for is a standard by whick I can apply a period of time expressed in (0.00 of an hour) for each fitting. This method of estimating has been around for a long time, and proven effective for many plumbers like myself.
      Typically on 1/2" Soldered Copper pipe and fittings the following times are used by the NAPHCC Labor Calculator II.
      Joint - .20
      Valve - .40
      Tee - .60
      Ell - .40
      LF Pipe - .04
      Can you post those types of numbers for ProPress 1/2"-2"?


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        Those figures are under development, but will not be final for some time. As you probably know, organizations like the PHCC spend years analyzing job data to develop those standards.

        However, the plumbers that I talk to generally assume a 33%-50% labor savings versus total installation time with soldering. Obviously ProPress is much faster than soldering on straight joining time, but prep time is the same for both methods. A 1/3-1/2 savings versus soldering seems to be accurate. Contractors who are bidding their first job with ProPress are likely to use 1/3 to be safe and most move toward 1/2 as they gain experience.

        Again, please feel free to contact me or your RIDGID representative directly if you would like to work on a cost analysis for a specific job.