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  • NC code approval

    Hi all,
    I recently purchased the Propress system to use on a commercial project here in NC. Before buying it, I asked our local plumbing inspector if he will approve it and gave him a submittal package. After checking with his superiors in Raleigh, the answer he gave is that the Propress system is NOT specifically approved by the NC plumbing code at this time for potable water. However, inspectors are allowed to approve it as an "alternate" system. In order for him to do that though, he will require written permission by the architect's engineer for any job that the Propress is used on.

    As I said, we went ahead and bought the system once the engineer gave his approval, since I think the labor savings on this one job will at least make a big dent in the cost of the tool. But, with my inspector's current stance on Propress, it will prevent me from using it on any project that doesn't have an engineer, like design-build jobs. I talked with Viega tech support, and apparently, NC is the only state which doesn't approve the Propress, even though the NC plumbing code is based on the ICC International Plumbing Code, which allows "mechanical joints" installed according to manufacturer's instructions.

    Anyhow, my questions: Are there other NC contractors using Propress for potable water systems? Is anyone interested in starting a petition to get Propress officially recognized in NC? Where is Ridgid/Viega in all of this? Shouldn't they be doing something? Who's the Nazi in Raleigh that won't let this go? What can I do to remove this obstacle?

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    i think it's the same person that threw a wrench in the use of pex here in california.



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      Has this been Changed?

      I am fixing to start a plumbing job in Raleigh soon and I saw that you had placed this thread.

      Has their been any change to the that situation?

      Have the inspectors in Raleigh accepted this tool yet or do you still have to give them a letter from the A/E?