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propress offset of labor vs fittings

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  • propress offset of labor vs fittings

    do those of you that have used the propress system feel that the labor offsets the higher cost of the fittings? if so is there any comparison that you could give me that would help justify the jump into this system? any help will be greatly app'd.

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    I have no business chiming in here as i am NOT a plumber by trade, have never seen nor used the propress system, but i will still put my 2 cents in.

    in all of my experience of owning a home as a DIY'r, my wife being an architect and a good friend being a conractor,

    what i have learned is one thing....

    the customer never makes out.

    the labor time the plumber with the propress system will save in crimping will be lost in the set up/different fittings/cost of the tool, etc. and even after the contractor has "paid" for his or her tool. their labor rate will not adjust accordingly as tbe claim will still be "someone has to pay for this thing!

    even if your profit has paid for it 4 times over!


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      If I go to a job and have to wait for it to stop dripping for EVER to solder, you can be sure the customer would save some money if I use my Propress.

      For a business down time is money so getting it done fast is paramount.

      It is usually the same cost or less for the customer and the contractor saves valuable time on the job.


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        "the customer never makes out."

        Well the time savings alone is the customers biggest savings. On a typical job for us, customers water could be shut off anywhere from 2 - 4 hours; for homeowners this is annoying, for a vacation rental it becomes a nuisance for the management company and for a hotel or restaurant it means lost revenue - but when we can limit there down-time to an hour the customer DEFINITELY benefits. At the end of the day the customer pays the same for installation but experience much smaller losses. (btw: Fittings will become cheaper, remember when VCR's cost over $1,000?)
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