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  • propress

    how does the price of propress fittings relate to price of solder in canada from what i can see they are about 3 times expensive.wholesalers can 't say if they are discounted or what we see is what we pay

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    In general, we expect that ProPress fittings will be 3-5x the cost of competitive solder cup fittings. This varies from fitting to fitting, but generally holds true if you're running the comparison across the materials list for a whole job.

    Offsetting the premium you pay for ProPress fittings is the obvious drastic reduction in labor. We expect that end users will cut the time of installation by 40-60% over soldering resulting in a total installed cost savings. The magnitude of the installed cost savings depends on many factors such a labor cost per hour.

    If you would like to analyze the projected savings from using ProPress over soldering, contact your local RIDGID rep or me at (440) 329-4454.

    Ed McKiernan
    Director of Marketing
    ProPress System